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1 to 1 
in Retford

Problem Dog? What Problem?

Janice R. Otter is a pet behaviourist with over 25 years of experience.

She has saved thousands of dogs from being destroyed, and trained hundreds of owners!

No matter the age, sex, size or temperament of your dog, Janice can help. She also provides training for deaf dogs and has saved many of them from shelters.

To complement her 1 to 1 training, Janice has published her own book, Problem Dog? What Problem?

If you live in or around the East Midlands, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire  contact her today.

A fresh approach to dog training

Why are dogs a problem to us? Why can't we just enjoy their company and spoil them? The answer is simple – an undisciplined dog soon turns from a family pet to a dangerous animal.

Irrespective of age, all your problems can be answered and remedied, so you and your best friend can get along together in harmony.

Unlike some trainers, Janice uses commands rather than treats to train your dog. Based in Retford, she visits customers across the East Midlands and offers a completely personal and bespoke service.
Dog Trainer in Nottingham

'Problem Dog' available through Amazon

22,ooo cases of out-of-control dog attacks was reported over 5 years and more happening every month. Resulting in fatalities and life changing injuries. The world and its wife propose to know how to train a dog, and its these people that contribute to this shocking revelation. I have been a dog trainer for over 25 years, and I know that you can turn a dog around in two weeks, regardless of its crime. It cannot be trained in a day, and it does not take  months. So, lets give the shelters a break and give our pet dogs a chance.
Dog Trainer in Lincoln
Aggression? Constant barking? Chewing? Whatever the problem, Janice can help
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