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Deaf dogs from shelters

Deaf dogs can give us just as much love and affection as a hearing dog. When we get a deaf dog from a shelter its ambitions are no different from the ordinary hearing dog. It will still suffer from the usual doggy problems, its wants and needs are still the same and so are the rewards. The only difference between them is that we will have to tackle their problems in a slightly different way.

A deaf dog needs love too!

Deaf dogs need our love, affection and our protection.

They come into this world with a defect that is through no fault of their own and the most that we can do is to embrace them and nurture them and turn their lonely misunderstood life around.

Janice has many years of experience in working with deaf dogs and can train them almost as easily as a hearing dog, simply by teaching them and you the special techniques needed to enjoy your life together.
Give a deaf dog a chance! Call Janice 
on 01427 880 823    to discuss deaf dog training 
in the East Midlands,Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
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